​La Tuniña

Do you like music? Can you already play an instrument, or do you want to learn? We have something for you! The one thing better than making music, is making music together!

La Tuniña is a female student association with an accent on Spanish music. Because the Tuna is a Spanish student tradition, we often travel to Spain, Portugal or even Latin America. We meet other Tuna groups and win prizes in music competitions abroad! But don’t worry; we also perform a lot back home, so we can cover the costs of travel.

Fun in learning is a key aspect of our association, so there is no pressure and you can advance at your own pace. We go out for drinks and performances, and are first and foremost a group of friends.

You don’t have to be able to play an instrument before you join Tuniña, we will teach you. When you become a member you will get music and singing lessons, even your instrument will be provided by us.

Website: tunina.nl